Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude-  Patients and community members are encouraged to sign up and complete as many tasks, as many times as possible on the Attitude of Gratitude list and turn it in to win prizes. The Gratitude list includes:

1.      Start or continue keeping a gratitude journal

2.      Express only positive comments for one day

3.      Do not watch TV for one day

4.      Watch the sun-rise

5.      Give three compliments today

6.      Phone a close friend/relative just to say hello

7.      Tell three people about the Attitude of Gratitude

8.      Spend some time in prayer or meditation

9.      Do something nice for someone who will not know you did it

10.  Write a letter (not an email) to someone

11.  Hold the door open for at least 3 people today

12.  Donate to the Food Bank

13.  Smile and make eye contact when you walk by people for 2 days

14.  Hug a friend

15.  Say something nice to a stranger

16.  Write down 50 positive adjectives to describe yourself

17.  Talk to a service worker

18.  Learn how to say hello in sign language

19.  Smile at 3 strangers

20.  Sing a song with someone.

21.  Write a prayer and tuck it under your pillow.

22.  Say a prayer out loud on your knees before bed.

23.  Visit someone in the Nursing Home.

24.  Tell someone about chiropractic.

25.  Learn to say hello in a new language.

26.  Take a picture of yourself.

27.  Write a thank you to a clergy member.

28.  Say hello to your neighbor.

29.   Praise a child.

30.  Write a thank you to a community volunteer.

If you have comments, questions please share them. Also, please share your experiences with us…tell us how the Attitude of Gratitude helped you and made a difference for you.

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